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Where Women Choose to Love Themselves Enough to Become Everything They Were Created to Be
The Loving Me Freely Academy is a faith based online accountability experience. This space is for women who are intentionally choosing to live their best lives while learning to love themselves in the process. Our students have big goals and dreams and are committed to pursuing them.  In the Academy, you will learn how to overcome your fears, insecurities, and financial lack through mastering your mind and routine. 

Practically speaking, we focus on improving one area of our lives each month so that each year, we obtain new levels of self-love and success. As a student, you will learn how to make living your best life a priority and will know how to make your dreams come true! You will set monthly goals, check in weekly, and get things done each month and year! 

We are a diverse tribe of women choosing to rise higher and become everything we were created to be. Come and build your dreams so that you can really succeed!

Welcome to The Loving Me Freely Academy. We are so happy you are here!
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Students In The Academy

Founder of 
Lamayezing LLC
Sylvia G. 
Self-Care coach who specializes in supporting women with chronic illness.

Owner of
Walk Royal
Sherri P
Mom of 2 empowering women to rise and walk in their royalty.

Owner of 
Ms. Deb's Educational Services
Deb B.
Single mom educating our youth.
A Letter From The Founder
I Was On The Verge Of Giving Up...
As a young girl, growing up outside of Cleveland, I found herself on the receiving end of physical abuse. I was molested at the age of 6 by someone in my neighborhood. This experience impacted my life and started me down the wrong path. I ended up becoming a 24 year old, jobless single mom of two, with only 46 cents to my name and no place to turn. Then one night, in the middle of the night, I cried out to God and experienced something that changed my life.

I am now a wife, mother of 6, published author, speaker, full-time business owner, and accountability coach. I went from being jobless and broke to having multiple streams of income at the age of 30. Every day I help women and their families to overcome the mental, financial, physical, and emotional barriers that are keeping them stuck.

I will help you to recognize the areas in your life that is keeping you stuck. With recognition and support, comes the ability to resolve and release which will lead you to freedom. With love in my heart and wisdom on my mind, I will teach you how to love yourself and your life more!

Let's connect and thrive together!

Marlia Hall
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